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Costa del Sol

Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation At Costa Del Sol

Spending your vacation at Costa del Sol in Spain in Malaga province means getting a chance to take a glimpse of the breath taking landscapes of Malaga. From the white sandy beaches to the amazing panoramic view of the sunset, Costa del Sol is the best place to spend your vacation.If you’re after comfortable guest rooms, peaceful, quiet and with an amazing view, the Costa de Sol in Spain has the best rooms and room service. It caters for all, be it the business traveler, domestic tourists, or the cultural tourist, Costa del Sol caters for the economy tourist to the most exclusive.

You get a chance to interact with the locals who have interesting customs, rich cultural heritage and traditions to share. Costa del Sol also caters for the lovers of the night. With exclusive night clubs, beach bars and restaurants. The meals are delicious, prepared by some of the best chefs around. Costa del Sol is the world class.>


Why You Truly Need To Take Your Short Vacation to Ibiza

With spectacular sceneries, rich history and amazing people, Spain has over the years seen millions and millions of people all over the world head to Spain for holidays every single year. You have not been left out; it is something you have been planning for weeks and you are now ready to catch your next flight to Spain. However, while the county has tons and tons of tourist attractions to offer, here is why you need to start with to Ibiza before you visit other places in Spain.

Located right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a home to more or less 88,000 people. Ibiza is actually one of those sun-soaked hangout spots that has seen some of the world’s famous celebrities flock to, and that has not has a surprise. After all; with white sand, stunning turquoise water and able to accommodate over 2million tourists every single ye, it is easy to rank Ibiza among the world’s finest holiday spots. This legendary island alone, boasts, a magnificent coastline, architecture and its sea life has just made it into the list of the top World Heritage Sites in and around the world.

One interesting thing about Ibiza is that, in 2007, the local government passed a law that all new hotels coming into the islands must be five-star. With that alone, you can be sure of staying is some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts during your short vacation.

Ultimately, Ibiza has stood through all the odds and has risen to become one of the best positions when you talk of the best places one should visit before he or she dies. With breathtaking beaches and hottest nightclubs to head once the sun goes down, what else can you possibly as for. Ibiza is incredibly spectacular in every sense. I highly recommend it.

Gothic Quarter

A Legendary Tourist Attraction in Spain, Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter, which is in the heart of Barcelona, stretches reaching the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The place was initially inhabited by Romans, who built most of the scenic buildings and sites in the area. It offers an elegant cultural site in Spain, and tourists come from all over the world to view it.

New buildings built in contemporary architectural designs have been built alongside the old Roman buildings, giving the place a unique mix. There are many streets that can easily confuse a visitor, so every visitor is advised to have a guide. There are plenty of the in the quarter, and booking one online or contacting them by phone before you get there will help you a great deal.

Gothic Quarter is a religious center, and the old church buildings indicate that there were Christians in the place for a long time, though memories of martyrs indicate that the religion was not appreciated. The old Barcelona Cathedral seated at the center of the quarter gains much attention from both the visitors and the locals. Having a shrine named after a young martyr Santa Eulalia that was killed by the Romans. Placa de Santa Felip Nori is the church where Gaudi worshiped, and died a martyr too.

The quarter is a political site, hosting the presidential palace, palaude la Generalitat de Catalunya and the city hall, casa de la Ciutat are also scenic buildings whose designs are dated to the early romans.

The quarter has several parks squares where locals and visitors go for a relaxed moment, enjoying the cool serene atmosphere. There are early cafes such as Can Conesa, where you can get fast foods to enjoy as you relax at one of the parks.

Restaurants, fun clubs and hotels with accommodation are readily available in Gothic Quarter, so you can enjoy watching every part of the town or even conduct your studies for as long as you wish, with a place to relax from during the nights.

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